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Auto Lubricators

Auto Lube Devices are now available through PEC Manufacturing 

Auto Lube devices are used in place of any grease sert to continuously lubricate the bearings in service.  There are two different type of Auto Lube Devices available. 

This Auto Luber is a battery operated device used for discharging various types of grease and oil.  It can be used with a 60cc, 120cc, or 250cc capacity reservoir.  The unit has two sets of dip switches.  The TIME dip switches set the discharge period (1,3,6, or 12 months).  The Volume dip switches may be set to accommodate the different size lube resivoirs available.  Inquire to our sales staff for more details.

This Auto Luber is spring loaded and has three different spring tensions to use to try and achieve your optimal lubrication needs.