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PEC Manufacturing is a manufacturer of Mechanical Power Take-Off clutches for stationary industrial engines.

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PTO’s are used as a standard method for transmitting the power of engines in a great variety of industrial applications such as: air compressors, agricultural machinery, pump drives, crushers, road building machinery, cranes and shovels, oilfield service, etc.

PEC Power Take-Offs Mechanical Clutches are designed to fit on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housing dimensions from No. 6 through No. 0. Our clutches range in size from one plate 6″ to three plate 14″. Suitable power take-offs are available for use with engines in industrial installations up to 583 horsepower.

PEC P.TO.s are completely interchangeable with all Driving-Ring type over center clutches from single plate 6″ through triple plate 14″.

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PEC Manufacturing is a small family owned company based in Marble Falls, TX. PEC is owned by me and my wife, Penny. Our daughter Kelsey started in 2017 as the Operations Manager with the end goal of taking over as President. PEC was initially started in 1990 to provide replacement parts for the Twin Disc brand PTOs. After a few years in the replacement parts business, it became readily apparent that there was a need for the complete PTO units as well as replacement parts. This is why; in 1993 we started building whole units. It was then that we began to grow our manufacturing abilities with the purchase of our first CNC lathe as well as many other manual machines. We have grown to have several CNC lathes and CNC mills here at our facility where we machine our castings that are sourced from foundries in Alabama and Texas. We take great pride in being the ONLY supplier of Twin Disc style parts that are manufactured in the United States.

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For over 25 years PEC Manufacturing has been producing quality American Made clutches and clutch parts in our facility here in the Heart of Texas.

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