PTO Clutches for engines and TwinDisc applications

Ajax PTO Clutches

Allis Chambers PTO Clutches

Arrow PTO Clutches

Caterpillar PTO Clutches

Chrysler PTO Clutches

Chrysler/Nissan PTO Clutches

Cummins PTO Clutches

Detroit PTO Clutches

Deutz PTO Clutches

Dorman PTO Clutches

Ford PTO Clutches

Ford (Australia) PTO Clutches

Ford (Diesel) PTO Clutches

Ford (Gasoline) PTO Clutches

Hatz PTO Clutches

Hercules Diesel PTO Clutches

International Harvester PTO Clutches

Isuzu Engines PTO Clutches

John Deere PTO Clutches

Kubota PTO Clutches

Lister-Petter Diesel PTO Clutches

Minneapolis-Moline PTO Clutches

Murphy Air Cooled Models PTO Clutches

Murphy Diesel PTO Clutches

Murphy Water Cooled Models PTO Clutches

Perkins PTO Clutches

Teledyne/Continental PTO Clutches

Teledyne/Wisconsin PTO Clutches

Waukesha PTO Clutches

Waukesha Saab-Scavia Engines PTO Clutches

White Engine PTO Clutches

White Engine/Hercules Engine PTO Clutches

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Service Kit Flyer
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Price List  (price_list_031509.pdf)
Price list in PDF format
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Excel Price List  (custpricelistexcel031509.xls)
Latest Price List in Excel Format
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PTO HP capacity  (ptohpspecs.pdf)
PTO H.P. and torque recommedations for applied applications
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Drive ring specs  (driveringdetails.pdf)
Drive rings measurments and details
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Drive plate specs  (drivepatespecs.pdf)
Drive plate measurments and details
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PTO Assembly Measurments  (installdetails.pdf)
PTO installation details with general installation measurments
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Bearing Interchange  (bearinginterchange.pdf)
Bearing interchange list to cross bearing numbers
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Moments of Inertia  (WR2.pdf)
Moments of Inertia data for PEC Clutches
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Parts Catalog  (catalog.pdf)
Parts break down in PDF format
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Owners Operators Manual  (manual.pdf)
Owners and Operators manual in PDF format
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Side Load Calculation Worksheet  (Side load
Excel worksheet to figure side load calculation